Yesterday Germany won 1:0 against Poland and today Equador beats up Cost Rica 3:0, that´s enough for both to join next round of WorldCup ^^b

Today also England join next round that is bad ;) idiots they think that they win WorldCup hahaha ばかだよ !!!

Sorry for writting in English and German now but I am tired and cannot think any Japanese or only a little bit ^^; I hope you can read my writting.

Now it is pretty hot in Germany and we walking always in the sun and heat outside so a cool drink is very valuable for us. What could be better than free fresh drinking water with one of the highest qualitie sin the World ... no Problem in Hamburg. The HWW offers in big towers free drinking water for everybody, drink as much as you wand and take it with you.

From where can you watch a match best and what could be more tight as an incredible view from a 30m high builduing. Answer : Nothing ;)
Best viewpoint

I think these people up there have a great view to the Videowall on Hl.Geistfeld.

Das ist es fuer Heute liebe Leute ich geh ins Warme Bett baeeeee -_- ... mal sehen ob ich bei der waerme pennen kann.