Gestern haben wir 4:2 gegen Costa Rica gewonnen, ein klasse Spiel mit vielen Torchancen der Deutschen.

Big Videowall
Unfortunetely I had to work yesterday so I couldn´t watch the match there or at home. ^^ あーーーしまったーー!
Newspappers say today that the WM Party in Hamburg have been the biggest and Best in Germany, so many people from all over the World, especially Argentina and Sweden coz they play today and next days in Hamburg.

On Jungfernstieg you can eat and Chill Out plus having a cool drink. Best for recovering after exciting matches on Hl. Geistfeld.

The pictures have been made on day before WorldCUp, so it looks pretty unfinished but yesterday everything have been finished and fine.
For all thoses who ask how shall I find Hl.Geistfeld and the WM Party, don´t worry you can´t miss it coz a big Luftschutzbunker「防空ごう 」 is there.

I think I will go today or tomorrow to Hl.Geistfeld to watch a game Live ther eand also take some pictures for you my lovely readers.

Let´s have a big Party together and enjoy brilliant football and a wonderful atmosphere. :-)


Germany´s dream start to World Cup 2006