Hallo liebe Leser,

Wer nach Hamburg kommt, besucht die wohl kulinarischste Stadt Deutschland. Esw gibt hier praktisch alles an koestlichkeiten aus aller Welt. Deswegen habe ich auch ein paar Restaurant Tipps fuer euch. ^^

★=まあまあ; ★★=美味しい; ★★★=凄い美味しい

レストランの名前 : Tilia 

スタイル : 多国籍料理

値段 : 6,00 ~ 8,00 € Euro

営業時間 : 月 - 木 11:00 ~ 24:00; 金 ~ 日 11:00 ~ 01:00  

レストランの住所 : Rosenstraße 25, 20095 Hamburg (Altstadt)

料理 : ★★★

サービス : ★★★

インテリア : ★★★

印象 : A stylish and tight restaurant & bar combination in the old part of the city of Hamburg. While the cool music is playing you can hang around at the bar and have a ice drink or two, or you decide to eat something. I doesn't matter because both is a very good chooice. The dishes are extremly delicious and tasty. For small money you get a brilliant mixture of many various cuisines from all over the world. I recommend Chicken with Cocos cream sauce. Very good

The Tilia is a little bit hidden but not so difficult to find. Close to there is an Asian Supermarket and also a Sushi Bar called "Sakura Sushi".


レストランの名前 : Sakura Sushi

スタイル : 日本料理

値段 : 弁当 4,90 ~ 7,50; 握り 1,10 ~ 2,00; 巻き 0,90 ~ 1,20 € Euro

営業時間 : 月 ~ 金 11:30 ~ 20:00; 日 11:30 ~ 16:00  

レストランの住所 : Rosenstraße 8, 20095 Hamburg (Altstadt)

料理 : ★★★

サービス : ★★★

インテリア : ★★★

Sakura Sushi
印象 : The Sushi is exellent there and the prices are also cheap. I surly can say that this is until now the best Sushi which I and my girlfriend have ever aten in Hamburg. The cook and staff is Japanese so quality is a matter of course. If you just want to have a small lunch during your break or if you want to eat take out some Sushi for home, this 寿司屋 is the place to go.

Schoene Gruesse aus dem sonnigen Hamburg ! (:-)